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I have always made jewelry. I started out making earrings for friends when I was 8 or 10 and has continued through the years. I love to figure out ways to create a new pair of earrings or a pendant or to make something from trash that someone else threw away.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Favorite Place

I'm in a group on Etsy. All of us work with metal clay. Every month we have a team challenge where the winner picks the next challenge theme. The last winner chose favorite places. I sat at my workbench today digging up new ideas for the challenge. Favorite places..... In my mind I thought of wonderful vacation spots, backpacking in Brittain... But as I thought of these places I couldn't think of one single place that was my favorite. I'm hoping as many people do, to see many more places in the future and how could I just pick one particular place out when there are so many more places that I want to see. As I'm sitting there I look to the floor next to my bench. Sitting there all quiet was my mom's old wooden sewing box. I remember when I was little it seemed like such a mystery to me. So many different buttons, where had they come from and why was she keeping them? Pink thread, red, green. I decided to sit on the floor and go through it once again. Looking through it brought back so many memories. I remember the orangeish thread she used for a pinafore she made me. I found a green button and wondered if it was to my girlscouts uniform. I saw dad's work shirt buttons. All of this put a smile on my face and it made me realize..... This was my favorite place. As a child anyway. So what do I do to put it in a jewelry design... Hmmmm. Taking a picture of it made me realize that this one thing probably will turn into many things for me. I think I will start off with one. A charm, a sewing bobbin. This will be my challenge entry for so many reasons. I like it. Now to get started!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Things That I've Made

This last month of relocating the studio and setting up is almost completed. In the meantime I had to restock the gallery, here are a few pieces that I completed that were shipped out for the holiday!