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I have always made jewelry. I started out making earrings for friends when I was 8 or 10 and has continued through the years. I love to figure out ways to create a new pair of earrings or a pendant or to make something from trash that someone else threw away.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Day

I spent the day creating an Artfire shop and tinkering in my workshop, hammering and cutting.... It was kind of a dreary day. I watched the doggies run in and out occasionally poking their heads through the doggie door to the workshop to see what I was up too. Always keeps a smile on my face to see my dog Kodi peeping, he gives me inspiration and a laugh!

I think I had the same cup of coffee for pretty much all of the day, taking a sip here and there. Lol! Yuck!
I created a couple new pieces.

I've been working with recycled copper lately and love it!

Friends have gotten in on the act and have given me all gauges of wire to work with, so I'm having a blast. Nothing to waste! I was going to solder some pieces but just discovered I am out of propane for my torch so no soldering today. Well, off to get some more work done!

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