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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Metal Clay Artists Challenge

The last couple of weeks have been so much fun, in the jewelry and creating world. I joined a forum on Etsy a few months back and have met some amazing Artisans that are working with Metal Clay. Adornedbyrobin.Etsy.com started a challenge for the group of us to create a floral piece that we would vote on. We would create a challenge piece each month for the winner to pick the next challenge. I finally ordered my Silver Clay and started working with it immediately! Everything I made had a floral theme so I could pick from the lot. I listed one piece and suprisingly it sold in a couple of days! ( it was going to be my challenge piece)
All of the Entries were amazing! These guys are so talented.
The contest was posted and people were welcomed to vote this is how it ended up:
Gold Winners

Silver Winners

Bronze Winners

This has been so much fun to participate in and has made the last few weeks much easier to go through.
Thanks for the learning experiences and the fun!

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